What is the best virtual hair color to try on?

What is the best virtual hair color to try on?

They all say, “Invest in your hair; it’s the crown you never take off,” but no one tells you about the consequences of making a wrong decision. Love is beautiful, and we all have an undeniable passion for colors.

Anyhow, things can get pretty ugly if you mistakenly choose the wrong color for your hair. Reportedly, most people don’t like the final results of virtual try on hair color as reality doesn’t match their imagination.

Virtual hair color try on applications offer a solution to this issue. These applications can help you understand how a particular hair color will look on you. The users can try hundreds of hair colors and find the one that complements their personality.

What are virtual hair color applications?

The virtual hair color try on applications are diligently designed software that lets users try on a vast range of virtual hair colors and styles. The applications use Artificial Intelligence to analyze the face structure of users and recommend hair color and style accordingly. These applications also allow its users to upload their pictures to see how different colors will look on them.

The virtual hair color applications are really helpful for those who look to experiment with their hair. Here are some of the most common benefits attached to virtual hair color try on free applications:

  • It helps you find the perfect hair color according to your hair type and complexion
  • It lets you visualize how different colors would look on you
  • Leverages Artificial Intelligence to recommend hairstyles that suit your face cut.

List of Top 5 Virtual Hair Color Applications

1. YouCam Makeup

What is the best virtual hair color to try on?

The first and foremost name on our list of top 5 virtual hair color try on applications is YouCam Makeup. It is a hair styling application where an individual can try 150+ hair colors, different hairstyles, accessories, and nail art. You can try other options to find a style that flatters your face shape and makes you look attractive. Using the hair dye tool, a user can apply hair color to existing photos or in real time through a device camera.

Compatibility – Android, iOS

Rating – 4.5 / 4.8

2. MakeupPlus

What is the best virtual hair color to try on?

MakeupPlus is another hair color try on app available for Android and iOS-powered devices. The application lets the users virtually hair try on different hair colors and styles. Once you have found the color that best suits your personality, you can capture a picture of the same and show it to your stylist. Long story short, it helps you understand how a specific hairstyle and color will look on your face to make a precise decision.

Compatibility – Android, iOS

Rating – 4.6 / 4.3

3. Facetune

What is the best virtual hair color to try on?

Facetune is one of the best virtual hair color try on applications to change hair color that lets users find the perfect hair color and style according to their face cut and personality. On top of that, users can also try different sorts of makeup to get the ideal look. So, next time you are planning a look for a special day, prefer using Facetune to acknowledge if it suits you or not. The application is packed with unique features that help you create a unique look. The latest update recently added a wide range of editing features and hair colors.

Compatibility – Android, iOS

Rating – 4.6 / 4.4

4. Hairstyle Try-On

What is the best virtual hair color to try on?

Hairstyle Try-On is also one of the top 5 virtual hair color try on applications. Currently, it is only available for iOS-powered devices. Here, you can try 50+ hair colors ranging from neutral to loud shades. Additionally, it also offers 35+ hairstyles to try and get an exquisite look. As a user, you can also mix and match hair style and color to create a new and unique look that goes with your personality. Apart from virtual styling, it also provides hair care tips.

Compatibility – iOS 

Rating – 4.1

5. Fabby Look

What is the best virtual hair color to try on?

If you are looking forward to coloring your hair with bright and bold colors, Fabby Look is the application that should be installed on your smart device. This application has every shade of Rainbow try on virtual hair color that you can try on your hair. On top of that, you also get to try 10 different hairstyles available in multiple colors. Install the application now to unleash your wildest hair style and color ideas.

Compatibility – iOS

Rating – 4.2

How much does it cost to develop a virtual hair color try on application?

Defining the cost of developing a virtual hair color application is quite complicated. The virtual hair color application development cost hinges on factors like the developer’s origin, app complexity, app features, tech stack, etc.

However, there is a simple formula to calculate the app development cost, i.e., multiplying developers per hour by the number of hours required to develop the application. In order to calculate the time required for app development, you need to discuss your app idea with an IT company. You can refer to this guide to hire the best mobile app development team that can help you achieve your business goals.

Also, check out the developers per hour cost, region-wise, in the table below.

Country Per Hour Cost
Mexico $30-$50
Germany $25 – $60
Ukraine $20 – $50
South Africa $20 -$40
India $18- $40

Summing Up

After reading this article, we hope you will be able to make the best decisions about your hair. Most people install the applications mentioned above to try a wide range of hair colors and styles to pick the one that complements their personality. These applications help you find styles and colors that accompany your persona and avoid wrong decisions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the best virtual hair color to try on the app?

YouCam Makeup is currently the best virtual hair color try on app with 150+ hair colors and 15+ hair style options.

Can I virtually try on hair color?

Yes, you can do it using virtual hair color applications. Using such applications, you can try on a wide range of colors on your hair.

How can I see if a hair color looks good on me?

You can install and use virtual hair color try on apps to see whether a particular color looks good on you or not.

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