Types of Leather Used in Making Jackets

Types of Leather Used in Making Jackets

Leather is one of the most royal and luxurious materials used in making clothing, specifically jackets. Leather jackets are equipped with attitude, legacy, and strength, making them worthy outwear. 

Genuine leather jackets are quite expensive, and thus, before investing in such an exclusive piece of outerwear, you must know why it’s worth the cost. Leather jackets offer durability, protection, warmth, and style and cost quite much. 

We all know that leather is obtained from animal hide/skin, such as cow, sheep, horse, goat, calf, etc. It can be quite challenging to distinguish between the types of leather, as it greatly impacts durability, warmth, and protection. 

Leather jackets today are the most trending outwear in our fashion line and a must to have in both men’s and women’s wardrobes. Thus, it is essential to be educated about the types of leather used in making jackets. 

In this guide, we will give you the best idea of how to differentiate between types of leather, so you can make a wise decision when investing in a good leather jacket. 

Types of leather

Leather obtained from animals such as cows, horses, buffalos, and camels is known as animal hides, whereas, obtained from lamb, sheep, goat, or deer are referred to as leather skins. If you’re a layman, it can be hard to identify what type of leather is used to make a jacket. But, with the detailed guide below, you’ll be able to point out the difference quite easily.

No leather type can be labeled as the best or worst. Each type of leather has its characteristics and properties, affecting its durability, warmth, and protection. For instance, cowhide leather is the most durable one, and because of its thickness, it’s also warm. Sheepskin and lambskin are super soft and supple but less durable and sturdy than cowhide. You can find a vast collection of leather jackets on Hollywood Movie Jacketswith clear and specified leather type – so that you make a wise and informed decision while investing in a lifetime venture.

To clear their worth, let’s go through each type of leather individually.  

Cowhide leather

Cowhide leather, attained from cows, is the most durable, strengthened, and tough skin type. Most motorcycle and biker jackets are constructed from cowhide, making them durable, warm, rough, and sturdy enough to protect you from road injuries, rain, and dust. 

Because of its thickness, cowhide leather feels quite heavy on the body and offers insulation to the utmost. Though cowhide is not too soft on the skin, it becomes quite cozy and cuddly because of its weight. To be precise, cowhide leather is the type of leather that is mostly used in making jackets because of its sturdiness and durability. 

Sheepskin leather

Sheepskin leather obtained from sheep is best known for its flexibility and softness. Jackets made up of sheepskin are lightweight, smooth, and soft, with a lot of stretchability. Apart from jackets, lambskin is usually used in constructing gloves, hats, and boots.

The stretchability is added because lambskin in a jacket allows it to adjust to the body shape. One major drawback of having a leather jacket made of lambskin is that it is prone to get damaged if it comes in contact with sharp objects. 

Lambskin leather

Lambskin leather, achieved from lamb, is highly supple and soft, making it premium and the most expensive. Leather jackets constructed from lambskin are high-quality, very expensive, and good in appearance. Beyond jackets, lambskin is used to make high-quality products such as shoes, bags, gloves, and other apparel. 

Lambskin’s flexibility and thinness are of high quality and have a good appearance. Also, lambskin is appreciated for the insulation and protection that it offers. Thus, if you are planning to buy a leather jacket to wear in extremely cold temperatures, a lambskin leather jacket is what you need to invest in.

Goatskin leather

Goatskin leather, obtained from goats, is known for its warmth and breathability. Leather jackets constructed from goatskin leather are softer, more flexible, and supplier than cowhide leather jackets, but they offer the same durability as cowhide leather jackets.

Leather jackets made from goatskin provide a better appearance than cowhide leather jackets while offering the same type of warmth and protection. Other than jackets, goatskin leather is also used in making footwear, accessories, and apparel. 


The complexity of distinguishing between the different leather types is worth the end result. Once you know what type of leather you need to own, you can make an informed decision and not regret it at the end of the day. Leather types used in making jackets matter the most. Thus, study it well and choose the best of all. 

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