Study In Australia: Ultimate Guide For International Students

Study In Australia: Ultimate Guide For International Students

Are you thinking of studying abroad? Hmm, that is surely a nice plan!

But where are you applying? What country is safer for you, and provides excellent educational as well as personal benefits? Do you have anything in your mind? No?

Well, here we are with the absolute best suggestion – Australia! Wait, why?

Well, when we think of Australia, awe-striking sandy beaches, coral reefs, and intense wildlife swiftly come to our imagination. However, there is a lot more about this amazing island nation, one of such factors is the best-quality education it offers. 

And the best part is that you can get enrolled in this third most popular location very easily. However, there are some things that you must know as one of the international students in Australia. Or else you might find yourself facing some puzzling surprises or in a bind when you reach this amazing destination. 

So, read below to get acquainted with some tips that we are sure your advisor must have skipped over in your pre-departure orientation package. This is why we are here to assist you in getting some need-to-know information before you arrive at the “The Land Down Under”.

Let us dive right into it!

Ultimate Guide For International Students To Live The Aussie Way!

Australian People And Culture

While being an international student in Australia it is natural to miss your home and culture. But, a plus point for this region is that many nationalities inhabit here, so if you are studying there you will most probably get your hands on food and ingredients from all across the globe very easily. There is no secret that Aussies are one of the most friendly and down-to-earth people, so we assure you will make some friends before you know it. 

No matter what the popular TV dramas have taught us, it is not polite to refer to girls as “Sheilas”, and you won’t get to see as many people dressed up in safari gear, quarrelling crocs, whatsoever. 

However, people do greet one another by saying “G’Day” and abbreviate common words by adding “o” or “y” at the end. So, if you are an international student it would be nice if you get familiar with such terms. While you get familiar with a totally new culture and place, it might do you no harm to seek assignment help Adelaide to keep your grades in the sky.

Apply For A Student Visa

Go for a Regular Visit Visa if you are planning to study for only 3 month for some course. If your plans are different, then certainly go for Student (Subclass 500) Visa that will cost you around $650 AUD ($450 USD).

The process for applying for a subclass 500 is quite easy. You can apply for it online and virtually link it to your passport. It lasts for about 5 years to let you complete your degree without any problems of staying illegally. To apply for it, you will require:

  1. Proof of funds
  2. Proof of qualifications
  3. Identity documents or Passport
  4. University’s acceptance letter, etc. 

The Seasons Are Flipped

Australia is the Southern hemisphere, which means it has opposite weather than the northern hemisphere. And yes, it means you can celebrate Christmas at a beach party.

Yes, very likely, but it also means that you will have to spend July indoors, wrapped up in a warm blanket with a red nose. Can you imagine? Even though, this country is supposedly known as a sunny place, trust us on this one, it gets extremely cold in some areas. So, it is better to have a captain cook rather than freezing yourself to death just as you arrive and pack accordingly. 

Work As A Student

Being an international student anywhere requires you to work most of the time. Here, you can work within your university as well. It is an expensive country, so we advise you to plan your budget accordingly. Say G’Bye to your everyday princess life that you used to have in your motherland and get ready to work your fingers to the bone. 

University Grading

If you are going to get your higher education in Australia, then we think it might be wiser to know the Australian grades before you receive them. You have been graded before, what difference does it make, you definitely know everything about grades, don’t you?

If you are thinking the same thing, then surely you are up for a great shock. The Australian grading system is quite different from what you have been getting. So, while you get accustomed to the grading system, we suggest you get my assignment help Australia from any online service provider, to boost up your grades. 

Higher education institutions use percentages to grade students in this beautiful nation. However, the letter grades are like chalk and cheese from those in Europe and the US. So, don’t shy away from getting familiar with them before you get your result, because it is worth knowing what you are seeing on that card, isn’t it?

Australia’s Geography

For a lot of people, “The Australian Dream” is to check off the Uluru, Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, as well as the Outback from their bucket list. But, if you come to Australia and expect to see all of these amazing places, then we are extremely sorry to give you a wake-up call. 

This lovely nation covers about 7.692 million sq. km. covering an entire continent, it might remain a fantasy unless you have a lot of time on your hands and even more money to burn. But, hey! It is not every day that you get to live your dreams, so travel as much as you wish just keep sure to make ‘Heaps’ of great memories, and enjoy your time while you study in this out-of-this-world land. 

How Difficult It Is For International Students To Study In Australia?

Oftentimes, adapting to a new culture is the biggest hurdle when you study in Australia. Language barriers as well as grading differences can be tricky too. However, the people there, are very helpful, so there is definitely nothing to worry about. You will find yourself adjusting to this alien culture in no time.  

What Documents Are Important For Studying In Australia?

Many people forget to bring their important documents when coming to Australia. Make sure to pack the following paperwork:

  1. Your student visa
  2. Recent academic transcripts
  3. Personal references
  4. Your passport
  5. Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE), and acceptance letter
  6. Medical records
  7. Any other document that your institution requires 

How International Students Survive In Australia?

Although study in Australia is an amazing opportunity, it can be daunting as well. Manage your residence, reach out to respective people on different social media groups and forums if needed, and try finding a job. Do not forget to explore and have some time for yourself to explore all the amazing things around you.

What Does Australian Institutions Look For In International Students?

Every institution has its own set of requirements that they look for. So, we advise you to attentively look into their requirement section online. Many institutions ask for a minimum GPA along with language proficiency tests like TOEFL & IELTS and that must be it.

Final Verdict – Say G’Day To Australia

By reading the above tips for being an international student in Australia we are sure you know all the perks for studying there and are up for those puzzling surprises. Make sure to learn all the “Aussie slang” before you head to this breathtaking land. You can also impress your hosts by reading and collecting information about the country. By knowing a bit more than an average Joe, we are sure you will be able to fit well in the “Land Down Under”.

Whichever place you plan to study, we assure you that people in Australia are extremely polite and helpful. Moreover, there are “Heaps” of beautiful places so make sure to swing at least one big trip during your stay there. However, manage your budget along with your expectations about seeing the whole country while studying side-by-side.

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