Reasons why lab grown rings and jewelry are considered a luxury gift

lab grown rings

Gifts are tokens of love, and affection or to make a special day even more memorable. Anything can be a gift irrespective of the price tag. But at times, when we wish to make the event even more special, we look for expensive and luxurious items as gifts. Precious jewels like lab-grown rings, gemstones, luxurious perfume, or branded clothes- all can be the perfect gift. But above all, diamond jewelry is considered the epitome of a luxurious gift. With so many varieties of precious jewelry available out there, what singles out diamonds? Let us help with some pointers that make diamond jewelry a coveted luxury gift.

Diamonds are rare

Diamonds are the hardest material on earth and extremely rare. Though we have lab-grown variants found in abundance today, nothing beats the beauty and glamour of organic diamonds which are hard to come by. As they are so rare, diamond pieces of jewelry can be a one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones. Hatton Garden Jewellers make some of the best diamond pieces of jewelry in the world. Their craftsmanship combined with a rare piece of organic diamond can make the perfect luxury gift for anyone.

Lab-grown Rings are expensive

Since they are so rare, it is needless to say, diamonds are some of the most expensive jewels found today. There is a variety of diamonds and the price for even the most common diamond can be anywhere around $1500-$12000 per carat. It depends largely on the clarity, cut, and origin of the diamond. if you are looking for something even more exquisite, gemstones like red, blue, or pink diamonds are ideal. They are so rare that only a couple of well-publicized pieces are found today. Even lab-grown variants of these colored diamonds are considered among the most extravagant purchase and hence a perfect luxury gift.

They are a good investment

Diamond pieces of jewelry do not just look good but are great investments. The substance is becoming rarer by the day so the price would keep increasing over the years. The gift can become more of an investment over time in the future. Diamond pieces of jewelry have great ROI and can be a lifelong asset for your loved ones. Leaving aside the sentimental value of such a gift, even its practical use is undeniable. It is such a luxury gift that it can become a valuable asset in time of need in any distant future.

Family heirloom

Imagine gifting your fiancé lab diamond rings that eventually become a family heirloom for generations to come. Diamonds never lose their shine or beauty, irrespective of time. As a result, there are many families which have century-old diamond pieces of jewelry in their collection that have become a family heirlooms after someone received them as a gift. The idea is romantic when you are planning to start a family with someone and wish to gift them something that will live on. Every diamond jewelry family heirloom has a story to it that gets passed down through generations and the original owners live on.

Lab-grown rings are not just a gift but a symbol of love and commitment. Thus, they are considered the perfect luxury item to splurge on and pamper your loved one with.

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