Feel the Power of the God of Strength – Hanuman Idol for Home

Feel the Power of the God of Strength - Hanuman Idol for Home

Lord Hanuman, the God of strength, the Chiranjeevi (immortal), who keeps the name of Lord Ram alive till the end of time, plays a significant role in Hinduism. The monkey God is the deity we beseech whenever we lack courage. This is why a Hanuman idol for home is a must for Hindus, as paying obeisance and praying to the idol reassures us of Chiranjeevi’s presence, giving us inner strength. 

All about Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman was born to Anjana and Kesari in the Anjanadri Hills (present-day Hampi). Vayu, or the Wind God, is said to be his spiritual father, as Lord Shiva bestowed this role upon Vayu. Lord Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Lord Ram; he fought alongside the exiled prince against Ravana’s army to free Mother Sita, the captive wife of Lord Ram. According to ancient Hindu literature, Lord Hanuman is one of the seven Chiranjeevi who will assist Lord Kalki (Lord Vishnu’s tenth incarnation) in fighting the demon Kali.

The appearance of Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is a Vanara (half-human, half-monkey); his muscular body gives away his superhuman strength, and he carries a massive mace on his shoulder. You can quickly notice these characteristics of the God of strength in your Hanuman idol for home. However, Lord Hanuman is also bestowed with other divine powers. He can increase or decrease his form at will; his muscular tail is another powerful weapon, and he can fly long distances. Even so, Lord Hanuman is best known for surrendering his heart and soul to Lord Ram, which is evident from the “RAM” sound his heart makes with every beat.

Important days associated with Lord Hanuman

Hanuman Jayanti, or Lord Hanuman’s birthday, is the most important day celebrated to pay respects to the monkey God. Based on the Hindu calendar, the date differs each year. Hanuman Jayanti is typically celebrated on the full moon day of Chaitra (the first month in the Hindu calendar). Devotees throng Lord Hanuman’s temples on Hanuman Jayanti, apply vermilion on his idol, offer prayers, and distribute prasad such as laddoos and other sweet dishes. Meanwhile, devotees who cannot visit Lord Hanuman at the temple get a Hanuman idol for home and follow the same procedure with equal zest and fervour. 

In Hinduism, each day of the week is dedicated to a deity, and Saturday is reserved for Lord Hanuman. Many devotees of Lord Hanuman observe a fast on Saturdays.

Why do devotees pray to Lord Hanuman?

The modern world is hectic, making stress and depression common issues in almost every person’s life. Peace and tranquillity are rare commodities, and man has surrendered his courage to negative elements that raise their ugly heads everywhere. But all is not lost, and Lord Hanuman is a blinding ray of hope to bestow courage and strength upon his devotees. He gives devotees the courage to excel at every stage in life and keeps their minds pure by chanting the name of Lord Ram. 

Hence, devotees always have a Hanuman idol for home to give them strength and keep their minds pure. Incidentally, Indian wrestlers worship Lord Hanuman to grant them strength and victory in their bouts.

Where do I buy a Lord Hanuman idol?

The same way you buy the Krishna Murti online, Lord Hanuman’s idols can be bought online. Hindus believe the Almighty pervades everything on this Earth, animate and otherwise. Thus, Hindus worship idols not with the belief that the idols are divine per se but with the deep faith that God—the all-pervading yet formless—is present even in inanimate objects such as stones. This staunch belief gives them inner strength and such devotees deserve to have idols crafted by the best sculptors.

If you have ever bought a Krishna Murti online, you will be impressed with the care given to detail. Similarly, idols of Lord Hanuman available locally may not include all the details. But you can undoubtedly find fine Lord Hanuman idols online. To get an idea of the power and strength exuded by Lord Hanuman, Idolkart would be your best destination. Idolkart is an online platform that offers idols of various gods and goddesses in the Hindu pantheon. You will be amazed by the attention to detail and the devotion with which the artisans at Idolkart have created the idols.

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