Discover What React Native Is, its advantages, and How It Operates to Understand Why It Is So Popular

Discover What React Native Is, its advantages, and How It Operates to Understand Why It Is So Popular

The most well-known apps in the world, like Facebook, Uber, and Pinterest, were built with React Native, which has garnered significant acceptance across various industries. What makes it so well-known? The fact that a single codebase can run on numerous platforms is undoubtedly one of the key contributors to its success.

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What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework. Using it, developers can create apps with the same code base for different operating systems, including iOS, Android, and the web. It is built on React and brings brilliance to creating mobile applications.

Facebook is credited with creating ReactJS (web) and React Native frameworks. The goal of React Native was to address the company’s most significant pain point—maintaining two code bases for its product. What’s the issue with maintaining two code bases for such a large app? Two methods often solve the same problem, resulting in work duplication. The solution to these issues is as simple as React Native.

The app’s user interface is built utilising native-OS views instead of JavaScript in React Native. Code implementation in OS-native languages allows for more complicated functionalities (Swift and Objective-C for iOS and Java and Kotlin for Android).

How Does React Native Function?

As noted, React Native creates the app’s interface using JavaScript. Unlike its rivals (such as Ionic), React Native uses the real materials offered by native platforms rather than webviews. It can use natively written code, has built-in access to native views and components, and grants API access to OS-specific capabilities inside the app. But how precisely does that occur?

The “bridge” concept, which is at the core of React Native’s flexibility, is used by the framework to enable asynchronous communication between JavaScript and Native elements. Although native and JavaScript are two entirely different technologies, they can communicate.

This design style has the advantage of utilising many OS native functions but has substantial drawbacks. For example, the frequent use of bridges within the programme may significantly reduce its performance. React Native might not be the most excellent choice if you’re creating an app that contains lots of data, events, and other elements.

Discover What React Native Is, its advantages, and How It Operates to Understand Why It Is So Popular

What will change with React Native in 2023?

If you use React Native, your app will run faster and perform better, thanks to ongoing updates and enhancements. Among the significant updates for 2022 are the following:

The 0.68 version unveils the new architecture. This features the new native modules system TurboModules and the new rendering technology Fabric Renderer. These modules enhance the interaction between JavaScript and native code. It is also simpler to adapt React Native to many platforms because a new renderer developed in C++ and core is shared across all of them.

As of version 0.70, Hermes has been configured as the default engine, which reduces the size of the APK (Android) file and speeds up application startup time. Memory use has decreased even though there is an increase in the IPA (iOS) file size.

How does it impact your app?

Fundamentally, the upgrades increase the productivity of your programme—enhancing long-term user happiness and engagement with quicker loading times and decreased memory usage.

The Advantages of the React Native

Reuse of code

The largest and best benefit of React Native is its ability to create for several platforms simultaneously. Other advantages of using one code base across multiple platforms include shorter development and time-to-market for your app, more straightforward and less expensive maintenance (you only need to take care of one code base instead of many), and a quicker onboarding process for new developers joining the project. If both the online and mobile applications use React Native, you can use the same code.

Discover What React Native Is, its advantages, and How It Operates to Understand Why It Is So Popular

Rapid reloading

The Hot Reloading function enables programmers to view changes to their code in real-time without reloading the page. This minor change can significantly enhance the development process since it gives developers immediate feedback on any changes made to the code, which boosts productivity. Also, it is possible only to reload particular sections of the code, which reduces the time essential for complete compilations.


The “bridge” idea behind React Native is groundbreaking compared to existing cross-platform development approaches. Since the usage of natively written code, React Native apps are less sluggish than web-based cross-platform solutions. The official claim is that React Native provides a ” native-like ” experience. However, this is not always the case; the more accurate description is that React Native provides a “near-native” performance.

Price Effectiveness

Cost-effectiveness primarily inspires cross-platform programming. Due to code reuse on several platforms, you typically require a minor team to complete the project. In contrast with native development, where you need two different groups to provide essentially two equivalent operating solutions rather than one.

Discover What React Native Is, its advantages, and How It Operates to Understand Why It Is So Popular

Expanding community of developers

An open-source framework called React Native currently has a vibrant and growing community. When you notice Facebook’s participation, they constantly expand the framework and make enhancements. This means that even if you run across a problem that hasn’t yet been resolved in React Native, a group of individuals are ready to support you because they care about making the framework more robust and reliable.

Continuous Change

The market has embraced the relatively new framework React Native very fast. This indicates that it is constantly changing and improving and that fresh additions and frequent upgrades occur. Expect to discover methods for creating applications that are quicker and more effective. The vibrant environment makes it an enormous option for the fast mobile app development business.


React Native has rapidly gained popularity in the market for developing mobile apps in the years after its release and with good reason. It is a successful technology for businesses, a practical developer framework, and an acceptable solution for end users.

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