Detailed Procedure of Wearing Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Stone)

Detailed Procedure of Wearing Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Stone)

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj gemstone is associated with Jupiter and represents Thursday. Wearing this gem brings many blessings. However, wearing this powerful stone should come with certain rules and restrictions in mind.


Yellow sapphire is traditionally worn on the index finger of your right hand to represent Jupiter; however, an astrologer may suggest another finger depending on your birth chart and planet alignments. Before wearing any gemstone, it should first be purified by immersing it in a mixture of raw milk, honey and curd. Some individuals also perform brief mantra recitation during this process.

Pukhraj stone, original pukhraj stone price provides numerous astrological advantages. It can prove particularly helpful for lawyers, traders, businessmen, professors, ministers and authors, strengthening their intellectual and creative capacities. Furthermore, its use can aid women seeking stability in marriage by finding their ideal life partners more quickly. Furthermore, it promotes prosperity within professional life and offers financial freedom.

Additionally, this gemstone can help those experiencing issues in their progeny to have healthy babies as well as overcome issues associated with kidneys, lungs, livers and blood circulation.


Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj Stone) is an effective way to counter the malefic effects of Jupiter in one’s horoscope and overcome any weaknesses it might bring in one’s birth chart. It enhances intellectual abilities, learning ability and balances the Vishuddha chakra of your body – as well as healing ailments like jaundice, throat infection, liver issues or lung ailments. Pukhraj stone also proves advantageous for traders and businesspeople as it enhances financial status and gains while offering women good husbands, conjugal satisfaction, happiness or even inheritance!

On Thursday morning during Shukla Paksha (waxing moon), yellow sapphire should be worn on the index finger of both hands on one index finger of their respective index fingers to bring good fortune and wellbeing. To energize it properly, after taking an early morning bath dunk the yellow sapphire in a mixture of milk and honey for 20-30 minutes after taking a bath and after cleaning with holy water or Gangajal before wearing. For optimal benefits it would be advisable to consult a professional astrologer prior to buying and wearing this gemstone.


Pukhraj is an extremely auspicious gem that resonates with the positive energy of Jupiter, representing good fortune, wealth, knowledge and teaching. Jupiter rules both the 5th trine house of education, higher learning and sudden fame as well as 8th house of inheritance and legacy.

Pukhraj stone also enhances spiritual inclinations and brings peace and harmony into a family, according to astrologers. Furthermore, according to marital happiness gurus, Pukhraj stone helps resolve any marital disputes or issues between partners or spouses; furthermore, it is often recommended for childless couples looking to rekindle fertility.

Pukhraj ratna should be worn on Thursday morning during Shukla Paksha (waxing moon). For optimal benefits, its weight should correspond with one’s body weight and astrological chart – so for best results consult an experienced astrologer before purchasing one yourself. Unheated or untreated Pukhraj ratan may provide even greater benefits.


Yellow sapphire is an exquisite gemstone that has many spiritual and astrological benefits, which should be harnessed with proper cleaning and charging procedures.

Pukhraj stones are durable stones that can easily be maintained with regular cleaning using warm soapy water and a soft cloth or brush, or an ultrasonic cleaner with jewelry cleaning solution. To preserve the best condition possible for your sapphire ring it is advisable to wear it last when getting dressed as the chemicals found in hairspray and lotion can damage its surfaces.

Natural Pukhraj Stone or Yellow sapphire is linked with Jupiter in Vedic astrology and wearing it can bring good fortune, prosperity, professional wellness, insight, honor, marital bliss and perfect health. To reap maximum benefits from wearing one it is advised to consult an experienced astrologer before purifying with Gangajal or raw cow milk and performing certain rituals to energize it before using it as jewelry.

How to Wear Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj Stone)

Yellow sapphire, known in Hindi as Pukhraj or Pushkaraj stone, is highly sought-after due to its remarkable qualities and astrological significance. Many people view it as an asset that will bring happiness, wealth and prosperity; its golden hue makes it easily recognizable; its powers enhance self-confidence while improving intellect; it helps achieve goals while eliminating negativity; furthermore it enhances spiritual knowledge.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that wearing pukhraj can have both positive and negative outcomes depending on how you use it. For optimal use of this gemstone, follow its proper protocol in order to maximize benefits while minimizing any adverse side effects.

As with any gemstone purchase, it is vital to select an authentic and natural yellow sapphire. A synthetic or treated pukhraj can have devastating consequences. Therefore always purchase from trusted sellers who can ensure its authenticity before purchase. Besides that, ensure the ring is free from cracks, blemishes or spots before wearing it on index finger of right hand. Repeat the process at least every three to four years for maximum benefit of a gemstone.

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