Antique White Kitchen Cabinets are an Embodiment of Style and Beauty

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets are an Embodiment of Style and Beauty

White cabinets can be a staple even in the future. These are available in different finishes and glazing. These cabinets are reminiscent of a simpler time. When combined with nostalgia, the exclusivity of each cabinet drawer and door gives the feeling of an inviting space. The number of hardware and classic door when paired with any white kitchen cabinets will give way to multiple design areas. 

Different Color Countertops Go with Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Granite countertops are a popular choice when it comes to antique white kitchen cabinets. This is because the color options are abundant. Granite countertops can highlight the unique color and characteristics of the cabinets that can make a big difference to your home. As granite is available in different variations, you can give your kitchen multiple looks with it. 

Natural tones in combination with darker shades or black can give a contrasting look to antique white kitchen cabinets. It will make the space timeless. 

Again, with a solid wood tone, the smooth countertop can bring out the warmth of your antique white shaker cabinets, which is otherwise lost in the understated beauty of the cabinets. 

Pair Antique White Cabinets with an Island

When you are considering having antique white kitchen cabinets with an island, you have ample options at hand. Make sure that you are using an island in a contrasting finish. It can be an effective and simple way to balance classic white while offering a focal point in the kitchen. A crisp blue will set of give it a divine look. 

An unexpected red flowering on this island can bring the whole room together. A big window front allows natural light to enter to make the antique white shaker kitchen cabinets into the spotlight. 

Ultimately, a wooden-tone island if paired with an antique white kitchen cabinet can bring a homely warmth. 

Accent Using Antique White Cabinets

Combine a balance of dark and light. Classical kitchen cabinets with dark tones can offset the antique white tones of the cabinets. There is another way to make them stand out and that is if you surround them with natural wooden tones. A warm bright island can really bring out the beauty of the whole kitchen. 

Using Glaze for Achieving a Distressed Antique White Kitchen Cabinet Look

At times, off-white and white aren’t really the tone that is needed for a distressed antique white cabinet. There are different finished techniques, which can prove to be useful when you are building your dream kitchen. The beauty of applying glaze implies that you go as light or dark as you prefer. Moreover, an antique white kitchen cabinet with distressing wood. 

Looks that Go Well with Antique White Cabinets

Here are a few looks that go with antique white cabinets. 

Rustic Kitchen

Antique white cabinets do not mean a shade of white is unique to the title. Often, the glaze and distress add to the character of a cabinet that is made of all wood. Go for kitchen décor for accentuating its natural beauty and add character to the wood. To get a traditional look, you can install pendant lighting and rustic-looking hardware. With a porcelain farmhouse sink ad dark kitchen countertops, you can give the space a touch of elegance. 

Dark Flooring

If you want to make the white kitchen cabinets a focal point in the kitchen, go for a dark floor finish. It will make the white cabinets pop. Darker wooden tiles and floors can create a traditional look and accentuate the white cabinets. Adding coordinating beams on your ceiling will ensure a cohesive look and will make the space look put together. Thus, your antique cabinets are going to shine.  

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