AI And Jobs: Will AI Rob Us Of Our Sources Of Income?

AI And Jobs: Will AI Rob Us Of Our Sources Of Income?

Even though we can’t say for sure how AI will evolve work, there’s something everyone is on the same page about: AI has become an indispensable tool in today’s world. Technology has already found its way into our everyday life, from influencing our search results, and shopping patterns, to who we date online. Come to think, it actually feels scary and a breach of privacy!  

It’s not completely absurd if you are worried about losing your job in a few years because it has become automated. In fact, we will still understand you if you have nightmares about AI taking over the Earth one day and leaving its creators (us, humans!) feeling useless. On the flip side, it’s also possible for artificial intelligence to bring about a golden age of prosperity, peace, and leisure. 

We understand if these thoughts have been keeping you up at night. But it’s time to finally address these concerns head-on. So, read this article to learn about the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs.

Top 4 Jobs On The Verge Of Displacement Due To Artificial Intelligence

Media Jobs

Whether we talk about advertising, writing, or journalism – AI has the potential to take over all roles of content creation. Considering the horizons of artificial intelligence, reading, writing, and understanding text-based data is like a walk in the park for these tools. 

Previously, the only thing holding back the media industry from leveraging AI was Google’s disapproval of it. But now that the popular search engine doesn’t mind AI-generated content as long as it makes sense, many renowned digital media companies have started experimenting with artificial intelligence. 

However, it’s not all roses. The brighter side is that AI-generated content is neither always accurate nor unbiased. So, guess who has to step in to ensure the writing’s authenticity, unbiasedness, and usefulness? Humans, of course! 

Plus, many people are not exactly a fan of AI yet, so they discourage its use. For example, professionals at resume writing services can’t craft a CV using artificial intelligence if their clients disapprove of it. Hence, media jobs are only partially susceptible to displacement because of AI!

Technical Jobs

Not so long ago, coding and computer programming were among the most demanded skills. We aren’t suggesting they are not in demand anymore, but there’s a possibility that AI tools may soon replace professionals.

ChatGPT can generate codes within the blink of an eye, whereas it takes humans anywhere between days to months – depending on the complexity of the project. Thanks to its capabilities, AI can crunch numbers not just quickly but also far more accurately.

So, think about it; why would companies be willing to hire actual people for this job when AI can do the same task in less time and no money?

Market Research Analysts

Well, if we had to name one profession at the most risk from AI, we’d say market research analysts. As we know, AI is good with numbers and data, so the negative impact of artificial intelligence on jobs involving market research is quite high. 

Market research analysis sounds like such a comprehensive field – and it is! But, come to think of it, what’s the job of a market analyst if not collecting data, identifying it, and designing effective marketing strategies from it?  

It may sound unfair since market analysis is not everyone’s cup of tea because it takes years to master. Yet, AI makes it sound like a piece of cake. It’s brutal, we know!

Finance Jobs

What do people in the finance industry do? Their jobs revolve around numbers, and we don’t think it’s necessary to remind you how well AI and numbers get along. So, even though the finance industry offers the most high-paying jobs, it’s important to remember that many aspects of these jobs can be automated in the near future. 

Top 3 Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Cannot Replace (For Now)

Healthcare Workers

If you’re a doctor, a nurse, or a therapist, you have nothing to worry about since your job is super practical. Ofcourse you cannot become a healthcare professional without having any knowledge because that definitely does not make any sense. 

AI might have all the knowledge about your field, but can it possibly perform surgery? At least not right now! And even if it could, would we be open to trusting artificial intelligence for such matters as life and death? 

And as for replacing therapists, we don’t believe AI is capable of doing that either. While we don’t doubt its knowledge on the matter, we are not sure if artificial intelligence can be trusted to help out someone whose mental well-being is already at stake! 

However, AI can certainly help you in certain professional aspects, like launching your career, if you use it to craft an impressive CV rather than hiring a CV writing service.

Lawyers And Judges

You can’t reach a fair verdict just by being familiar with the laws and precedents. A judge’s duties are more than that – they are expected to interpret human intentions and behaviors to make the right decision.

Similarly, the role of a lawyer is also quite complex. They defend their clients, negotiate settlements, and represent the interests of people or companies they are associated with. Think about it, is all of this possible without genuine human interaction? Absolutely not.

Sure, AI can help out with the paperwork. But when it comes to impartial judgment and ethical reasoning, it certainly cannot beat humans!


Perhaps the biggest difference between a human and a machine is the latter’s lack of creativity. AI doesn’t have any innovative problem-solving skills – it only generates responses based on the things it already knows. 

Imagine if our politicians were the same. Wouldn’t the country be in dire straits? Besides, do you think people would actually vote for a robot to represent and rule them? Even the thought of it is hilarious! 

Conclusion: Artificial Intelligence Is Here to Assist, Not Steal

We understand your concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs and careers. But honestly, we believe AI and technology are not here as our competition or rivals. In reality, they are going to enhance our lives.

Just how a dishwasher and washing machine have been saving you a ton of valuable time, artificial intelligence can also assist you. You can concentrate on being more creative rather than repetitive.

The faster we accept that AI is going to enhance further and will remain a part of our lives, the better we can benefit off of it. So, instead of fretting about losing your job to AI or worrying about your career, starting working on yourself as AI is can certainly not think like a human brain.

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