7 Nursery Themes Guaranteed to Make Baby’s Room Feel Soft and Sweet

7 Nursery Themes Guaranteed to Make Baby's Room Feel Soft and Sweet

A baby’s nursery is a special place. It’s the room where your little one will sleep, play and learn for the first time. You want it to be soft, sweet, and perfect for your baby. This blog post will discuss seven nursery themes that will make your child’s room look amazing! If a mama is looking for inspiration to create the perfect nursery for her baby, she will find seven themes guaranteed to make the room feel soft and sweet. Whether through neutral tones and plenty of white or by adding brighter hues with nature-inspired prints, these ideas create a room full of warmth where the little one can rest soundly. Throw thoughtful highlights such as personalized name signs and stuffed animals to complete the look. Creating such a space will provide peace of mind knowing that her baby is safe, happy, and cared for—all while keeping it stylish.

Designing a nursery for your little one can be a daunting task. From paint colors to decorative elements, there are so many decisions to make that it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve rounded up seven of our favorite nursery themes to help you create a beautiful and cozy space for your baby. Read on for some inspiration! 

Muted Neutrals

A minimalistic, muted palette of soft neutrals will create a calming and serene atmosphere. Opt for natural wood accents such as a crib or dresser, plus neutral shades on the walls, furniture, and bedding. Add pops of texture with wicker baskets, woven rugs, throws, or fluffy pillows to complete the look. If you love decorating with neutrals but don’t want an all-white nursery, muted neutrals are the perfect solution. Choose shades of taupe, ivory, and blush pink for a calming atmosphere that won’t feel too sterile. Add texture with natural fibers like seagrass or jute rugs and woven baskets for storage. Top off the look with accents in gold or brass, and you have an elegant yet cozy space for any little prince or princess. If you’re looking for a more gender-neutral nursery, consider shades of green or blue with natural wood accents.

This can be a great option for parents who don’t want to know the gender of their baby in advance. Pops of colors like sage green, navy blue, and soft yellow are perfect choices that won’t look too trendy or girlish. Finish off the look with natural elements like macramé wall hangings, wooden toys, and rattan furniture for a modern but timeless look.

Garden Getaway

Bring the outside in with a garden-inspired nursery. Start by painting walls a light shade of green, and then add wall decals that look like ivy or flowers. Incorporate natural elements like live plants, rattan furniture, and bamboo shades for the perfect outdoor feel. Include bold accents in bright blues and yellows to give the room a festive feel. Take your baby on a trip to the garden with this theme! Sprinkle in greenery with potted plants, hanging planters, and wall decals featuring leafy vines. Layer textures like cotton muslin swaddled, area rugs, warm knits, and faux fur throw to keep your little ones comfy as they drift off into dreamland. Finish off the look with pretty pastels like lavender or aqua blue to create a soothing oasis that will surely delight both mommy and baby alike! 

Safari Adventure 

Bring out your wild side with this safari-inspired theme! Start by adding animal prints like zebra stripes, cheetah spots, or giraffe markings in neutral shades that will stand out without overwhelming the room. Then incorporate natural materials like wood or rattan furniture in earthy tones for texture and warmth. Add some pops of color with bright throw pillows or stuffed animals — make sure not to go overboard and not to overwhelm your little explorer! Finally, top it all off with some potted plants from around the world (think banana tree). So they can feel like they’re going on an adventure every time they enter their room! What could be more fun for your little explorer? With this theme, they’ll never forget their wild side!


To bring your theme to life:

  • Curate a collection of accessories that will thrill and excite your little explorer.
  • Hang a tapestry depicting animals from the African savanna or framed poster prints of famous landmarks worldwide.
  • Place some world maps on the floor for hours of exploration and discovery.
  • Display globes, toy compasses, and handcrafted animals from faraway lands on shelves to invite your child’s curiosity.
  • Put a few jungle-themed stuffed animals in the mix, too, and you’ll have an amazing bedroom with a touch of adventure!


It wouldn’t be an explorer’s room without some nautical-inspired furniture. Choose a study desk in the shape of a boat or an airplane-shaped bookcase to match the theme. Add a cozy armchair for reading and daydreaming as your child travels worldwide virtually. Dress up their bed with an adventurous bed frame, such as one made from logs like those found on camping trips. Finally, a trunk filled with maps and books of exploration is a great way to add a touch of sophistication.


When it comes to decorations, the sky’s the limit! Hang globes from the ceiling to complete the theme. Feature photographs or artwork from different locales around the world on your walls. Plaster a map of the world above your child’s bed so they can pick out new destinations to explore every morning. Decorate with flags from different countries, and use their artwork as souvenirs from past adventures or imaginary milestones. Whatever you decide to do, aim for creative pieces that help foster a sense of adventure.

Travel-Inspired Activities

Encourage your child’s curiosity about the world with fun, travel-inspired activities. Try out different recipes from cities worldwide, or watch a movie set in an exotic location. Look up famous landmarks and let them assemble models of these monuments. You can even take your child to visit places in your city that you’ve never been to. No matter what activity you choose, it can help to make learning about different cultures more fun and engaging for your child.


Decorating a nursery doesn’t have to be stressful – follow these seven nursery themes, and you’ll have a beautiful space ready for your bundle of joy in no time! Whether you go for something timelessly classic like muted neutrals or something bolder like safari adventure. Choose what feels right for you and what makes you smile when you walk into your baby’s room. Because that feeling is exactly what will bring them comfort as they grow up surrounded by love. RugKnots has many beautiful rugs that can add the perfect finishing touch to any nursery themes decor. So, no matter what theme you choose, you can be sure your baby’s room will be stylish and comfortable from day one! And don’t forget to make learning about different cultures fun by incorporating activities into your child’s room design. So get creative, have fun, and enjoy this special time together – those moments won’t last forever, but these memories will!

Comment below to share your favorite decorating ideas for your baby’s room! We can’t wait to hear what you have in mind. Thank you for visiting RugKnots, and we hope you find something that brings a smile to your face!

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